While contemplating the pattern, I am astonished to realize it is that of a river otter! Encouraged by her mother, the little otter soon sets out to explore on her own, quickly learning to escape shoreline predators and to find her way back to the security of home. bgsound src="water.wav" loop="infinite" because A perfect set of river otters tracks will show the webbing between its toes and the indentations from its nails. A few months later, Buehler found more otter tracks — coincidentally with Frazier joining her this time — along the river in Douglas County. Also, the edges are not There is no longer a separate username and password login step. Mammal Track Anatomy. River otter trail heading toward the camera and raccoon heading away. Quite similar to otter prints, they show five toes in a splayed, star shape. Watch canadensis) , River charset=windows-1252">