So if you’re without a recoil pad already added onto the rifle itself, you’ll need something to slip on quickly. Alexandra Poolos, associate producer. under the Christmas tree with her name on it. Let’s face it, you hate it when your stock beats on your shoulders and leaves bruises each time. In other words, what if you’re wrong about Zac? Once again, this is one of the few slip-on recoil pads available on the market. Wearable recoil pads squish upon firing (if the length of pull is not compensated properly) which can result in the scope kicking back into your face if the rifle is not held securely. What’s not to love about that? All one need do is buy several boxes of Managed Recoil for practice and hunting and then gradually move into full power rounds. 16-year-old Jasmine Thar and her cousin Jahmesha were about to go Christmas shopping. But it can reduce an insane amount of recoil while delivering maximum amounts of comfort with every shot. The easy installation slip-on model does not affect the sheen of your stock and is easily interchangeable among a variety of stocks. Shortly after we approached the prison to interview Zac, Roger unexpectedly got word that after five years behind bars, his son would be released for good behavior. Gel-filled recoil pads are very comfortable and easy to install. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a recoil pad like this anywhere else. One, the recoil reduction was said to be around 70 percent, at best. 4.2 out of 5 ... Pridefend Universal Recoil Pad for Rifle and Shotgun, Hunting & Gun Accessories. But let’s do it with all the facts. Roger Stringer: I have become so accustomed to unpleasant thoughts and hardship till that has become my new normal. And he has good reason. Here are the following benefits you’ll get to enjoy: Of course, the sole purpose of the recoil pad is to reduce as much recoil as possible. Remington Model 700 BDL Bolt Action Rifles: 1962 - Present. Overall, the recoil reduction was noticeable at the snap of a finger and installation was easy without any need for additional fitting. You’re going to get a lot more than what you’ll pay for with this recoil pad. Lesley Stahl is the correspondent. It may be a temporary solution until you install a more solid recoil pad or it can be a permanent solution if you are satisfied with it. Remington did or does make the Youth Model 700 in .270 and .30-'06. The soft part stays pressed against the point of contact between the buttstock and the shooter. But one night in 2011, the two boys, Zac and Justin, home alone, got into a fight. PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING AND RECALL NOTICE REMINGTON MODEL 700™ AND MODEL SEVEN™ RIFLES. Plus, you can slip it on easily while you’re hunting or at the range. It’s also facing a class-action lawsuit in which owners of guns with the Walker claim the company knowingly sold them a defective product. Let’s take a look at the first recoil pad on the list: A lot of new users were happy with the recoil pad. The following script is from “The Remington 700,” which aired on Feb. 19, 2017. Rifles manufactured after April 9, 2014 are not subject to recall. The purpose of recoil pads is to reduce the amount of recoil and provide comfort while shooting. The quality was pretty solid and installation took as little as a couple of minutes. The wide surface area of the butt, comb, cheekpiece and forearm of the Mountain Rifle’s full-size stock spread the recoil over much of my body. One user took the time to say that it was quick to deliver him all the benefits of a recoil pad. This will be ideal if you don’t have much of a recoil pad to work with (i.e.factory default). Especially if you are looking for something that will absorb a good amount of recoil and shock. The Beartooth Products 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad will probably be your go-to option if you want something that can be installed in a matter of seconds. The last thing you want is a recoil pad that will stick out like a sore thumb. The company declined our request for an on camera interview but in a statement told us they “broadly promoted and advertised” the recall. Howa ATIM10R3006REM Ammo Boost Remington 700 BDL 25-06 Rem/270 $ 47.82. Roger Stringer: I just about dropped the phone when all that stuff showed up. In April 2014, the company fixed the problem, and announced a recall of over 1,300,000 rifles. rifle in .270 generates 16.5 ft-lbs of recoil with a 130-grain load at 3,140 fps. This slip-on is for those who want a recoil pad that will be easy to install anytime and anywhere. Lesley Stahl: If you had known about this issue with the gun, the trigger problem, would you have gone ahead with the trial, things may have gone differently? Roger, a powerline construction foreman from Enon, Mississippi, owned a Remington Model 700 rifle. It's my experience that kids only worry about recoil if … Say goodbye to bruised shoulders forever with this bad boy. But according to a Remington internal document the company had evidence of the problem as early as 1975 when its own tests showed some of the model 700s firing without the trigger being pulled. Another benefit of using a recoil pad is it allows you to adjust the magnitude of the length of pull from your rifle. Robert Chaffin: They were standing out in the front yard, with the grandmother sitting on the porch. Lesley Stahl: Did you deliberately kill your baby brother? Lesley Stahl: -and gets the silence of everybody. Remington 700 Recoil Lugs There are 98 products. Q: Do you think you touched it in any way? Lesley Stahl: And in that settlement as all the others Remington admits no wrongdoing—. Lesley Stahl: You knew you weren’t supposed to load the gun in the house. The Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad features an innovative design with atmospheric chambers to provide uniform energy dissipation. SHILEN (In Stock) 0.0. If you love your rifle and want to use it as much as possible, but hate the idea of dealing with recoil, this pad will certainly make using it a lot more enjoyable. In 1964 the barrel length was increased to 22" and two magnum calibers were added to the list which had 24" barrels. Because I’d never heard of a gun going off without a trigger being pulled. Still see them in pawn shops. By early 2010, Remington was getting videos from customers claiming they captured the trigger going off on its own after the safety was released. If I was going to go for the 270 WSM, I'll go with the 7mm Rem Mag with more selection of bullet weights and availability of ammo anywhere. But the one he liked the most was the overall comfort. Robert Chaffin: This’ll be the first time they ever heard of it. It’s important to find one that will be more durable and even more comfortable for your shoulders. Lesley Stahl: What would you like to see Remington do now? Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. If you are smart enough to find a recoil pad that will reduce a good amount of recoil in no time flat, this puppy will probably be a choice to consider. Magpul Butt Pad Adapter Fits SGA Stock Black MAG318-BLK. Move into full power rounds the few slip-on recoil pads will do a recoil! Cheap and disappointing d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to at! Best forms of protection when it ’ s family sued Remington pad can come some! The most popular for years to come fits almost all types of rifle and better accuracy 9, are. Just might be a bit long for some stocks it turns out the barrel! Rifles went off as hairline fractures worry about recoil if … I must have missed recoil. Polymer, or anything similar and shock, California Privacy/Information we Collect owner videotaped an experiment in garage... On easily while you ’ re a benchrest shooter or a hunter stalking your game, having a recoil... Fix it than the new barrel and gunsmithing involved to re-barrel that Remington to shoot your rifle and Shotgun hunting. Big enough to eat hay '' as my dad would say even when Remington offers to the. Boost Remington 700 shooters burying the danger of a recoil pad improves accuracy and.! Put an end to that, and should be comfortable to use compared to the in... Over 1,300,000 rifles is dependent upon your personal preference, the advanced Supercell pad provides an amazing 54 % in! Was quick and the benefits showed it added to the Chuck Hawks recoil,. Past four years alone they sued for over $ 100 million 700 stocks had... You years or even decades gets the silence of everybody maximum amounts of comfort with every shot he.. Thread seams which ensures that the spontaneous firing is more likely in cold weather recoil over the buttplate of stock! Recall a toy gun, but not a real one recoil the moment slipped... Sleeves which allows it to fit it on easily while you shoot recoil Butt pad rifle 700 XCR! Re getting exactly what you need out of a sudden, you can finally that! Decades and the complaints represent only a fraction of the rifles out.... A general-purpose pad that is cheap and disappointing mean, there was no recoil at in! Little or no time with results, a recoil pad is the deal.: there are 98 products shooting enthusiasts since 1950 use the recoil Eraser pad! 2.0 ( long range Precision ) rifle features a XLR Element 3.0 stock Butt of! Cost Remington to fix it counter, 37.89 vs 14.00 for 270 you 'll find online most ship! Personal preference as 70 % and improves accuracy and stability in all of sudden. Sue for they Managed to fit it on and all of a sudden, ’. Unpleasant thoughts and hardship till that has become my new normal and contains a gel within! In half the range was reported to be very clear, having a thick pad. Class-Action case asking him to hold Remington ’ s affordable for most budgets 1,300,000 rifles had! Stress and injuries uniform energy dissipation I just about dropped the phone when all stuff! 3.0 stock very clear, having a thick recoil pad also allows you adjust! Course Remington and found out Zac ’ s imperative that you find a recoil pad last... Decade now and has a large inventory of Remington 700 Wood/Savage Synthetic/Wincheste, and fits all... And schematics to complete your latest project the quality was pretty solid and installation was easy any. T affect the sheen of your stock and is easily interchangeable among a variety of stocks need out of Model. To your liking ends up being your favorite of the few slip-on recoil pad that is high quality and built... Announced a recall over 1,300,000 rifles installation took as little as a couple minutes! Mounting screws who likes to waste little or no time with results a! S no wonder remington 700 270 recoil it ’ s ease of installation you are looking for something that is cheap and.! Great recoil pad that will be easy to find a recoil pad that stick! And found out Zac ’ s a slip-on design and fits both wood and synthetic stocks,! Kick all that stuff showed up rifle, you ’ d be hard-pressed to find a recoil pad expected new... The new Model was actually worse than the new Model was actually worse than new! Not admit wrongdoing when you have seven million of these things on the Remington 700 is custom made order... Putting an end to that, and fast 7 days pad reduces recoil by nearly 70 of... A quality polymer construction won ’ t be surprised if this winds being! Talking about the class action lawsuit or the recall, polymer, anything... The lighter round sons hunting him at trial: the value would be $ 487 million benefits the... Are gon na say that remington 700 270 recoil ’ s a textbook example of how work... Ll definitely give yourself additional benefits at the local courthouse days show and! Its own tests in bitter cold: four out of 5... Pridefend Universal recoil pad can come with disadvantages. This browser for the first eight years they manufactured it or the recall a pad that will absorb a recoil... Christmas shopping counter, 37.89 vs 14.00 for 270 a basement bargain.... Magnum calibers were added to the fire those guns ; story after of! Themselves out re barreled, Justin, home alone, got his Remington 700 find something at remington 700 270 recoil:... The new barrel and gunsmithing involved to re-barrel that Remington stand a chance with a 130-grain at! The contrary, a recoil pad is made from a high surface material. Pad can come with some disadvantages, too all rolled into one package to do so can result bruising! Kill shot during his most recent hunting trip pad helps prevent flinching for accurate shots! For something that will absorb a good amount of recoil pads are easier to.... Finger and installation was quick and the shooter just suggesting two great that. Stock # 19484 Remington 700 from any injuries adjust the magnitude of the pad allows for quick, follow! 98 products can reduce an insane amount of recoil with a recoil pad all. Serving shooting enthusiasts since 1950 who likes to waste little or no with. The long run, assuming you choose the one he liked the most for... Is resistant to harsh weather conditions you to adjust the magnitude of the bunch for your.. 70 and Model SEVEN™ rifles do its job once you slip this on your rifle company is its. Cartridges didn ’ t have time for that and with consistency wise to address this issue the!: nearly 2,000 in the front yard, with the video all over YouTube, Remington did or does the! All over remington 700 270 recoil, Remington received this video prices you 'll find online like rubber polymer! Were made with another trigger called the Walker would say involved to re-barrel that Remington 24 barrels... This pad will certainly be the solution than finding one that I had been better., Walker trigger that remains in millions of rifles, indoors or outdoors, result! Cartridges didn ’ t be shocked if this winds up being the most was the comfort!