3. made of fibers, or like…. This is why the paper-maker is able to make a. Example sentences with "fibrous mineral", translation memory. Once you have cleaned them, slice off the fibrous end of the stem and slice or quarter them. patents-wipo. See Answer. Examples of Disintegrate in a sentence. Microscopically the prostate consists of masses of long, slender, slightly branching glands, embedded in unstriped muscle and fibrous tissue; these glands open by delicate ducts (about twenty in number) into the prostatic urethra, which will be. It is never crystallized, but may have a fibrous or microcrystalline structure, and commonly occurs in concretionary forms or in compact and earthy masses; sometimes mammillated, botryoidal, reniform or stalactitic. A fibrous system is a system that is formed by thin, moderately branching roots that is growing from the stem. Graceful water or marsh plants with hastate leaves, and tuberous, running and fibrous roots. When the fibrous stroma is greatly in excess -- _ fibrous goitre_ -- the swelling is smaller, firmer, and shows a greater tendency to contract and compress the trachea. The fibrous bands are generally formed towards the end of the years growth in thickness. Syphilitic lesion of the arteries, and likewise of other fibrous tissues, often involves grave consequential damage to nervous structures fed or supported by such parts. Relevance. Still have questions? the pig, each one has a fibrous sheath derived from Glisson's ca sule (fig. A suitable soil consists of equal portions of fibrous peat and loam, good sharp sand being added, together with broken oyster-shells or limestone. The substance is usually optically isotropic, though sometimes it exhibits anomalous double refraction; fibrous zinc sulphide which is doubly refracting is to be referred to the hexagonal FIG. Survivors of outbreaks can exhibit fibrous replacement of the exocrine pancreas. This basis for a naturally fibrous (and therefore ' chewy ') texture has been exploited in the formulation of meat analogs. In order to protect the heart, a fibrous sac surrounds the organ so that the sac is not hard as a shell but is tough to tear. Wiki User Answered . Reniform and stalactitic masses with a radiated fibrous structure also occur. In the low brushwood scattered over portions of the dreary plains of the Kandahar table-lands, we find leguminous thorny plants of the papilionaceous sub-order, such as camel-thorn (Hedysarum Alhagi), Astragalus in several varieties, spiny rest-harrow (Ononis spinosa), the fibrous roots of which often serve as a tooth-brush; plants of the sub-order Mimosae, as the sensitive mimosa; a plant of the rue family, called by the natives lipdtd; the common wormwood; also certain orchids, and several species of Salsola. It is believed that either pressure on the SCM muscle due to position of the head in the uterus causes the muscle to become fibrous and shorten or that the blood supply to the muscle is disturbed and the muscle becomes scarred. Definition. Rye is a tall-growing annual grass, with fibrous roots, flat, narrow, ribbon-like bluish-green leaves, and erect or decurved cylindrical slender spikes like those of barley. FMS causes pain in the muscles and fibrous tissues in the neck and back or anywhere in the body. This will shred the outer surface exposing the fibrous centre. It originates near the epiglottis, at the hyoid bone, from the median fibrous septum. The basal half is dull white, oval in section and coarsely fibrous, the middle part smooth, shining and round, and the tip black. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Arising as a long tendon from the sterno-scapular ligament, it passes the axilla by means of a fibrous pulley, accompanies the axillary vessels and nerves along the humerus, and is inserted by a few fleshy fibres on the base of the last two or three cubital quills. Mervyn, Leonard Preventing Heart Disease (1987) The coronal suture is the fibrous joint that unites the frontal bone with the two parietal bones of the skull. patents-wipo. Neuroma - a fibrous thickening of a nerve caused by reaction to long-standing irritation. MATTING, a general term embracing many coarse woven or plaited fibrous materials used for covering floors or furniture, for hanging as screens, for wrapping up heavy merchandise and for other miscellaneous purposes. Asbestos is a naturally occurring, fibrous silicate mineral. ‘The fibrous protein is produced by keratinocytes found in the body in two forms, hard and soft.’ ‘Since fibrous food is difficult to eat due to lack of teeth there is a tendency by the aged to opt for softer, non-fibrous food.’ ‘The 400 square metre plot will be harvested in a month and the fibrous … The space between the space is fibrous. "Cleistesiopsis " is a terrestrial orchid with an underground network of spreading fibrous roots. Everywhere they came upon beetles, spiders and small lizards which scurried away as they pushed through the, 28. 29. The majority of the members of the family are of longer duration, and have the roots also fibrous, but fewer, thicker and less branched. The body-cavity and the muscular, fibrous and vascular tissues are traced partly to two symmetrically disposed " mesoblasts," which bud off from the invaginated arch-enteron, partly to cells derived from the ectoderm, which at a very early stage is connected by long processes with the invaginated endoderm. Attached to the ridge is a fibrous septum, which separates the infraspinatus muscle from the Teres major and Teres minor muscles. If you don't have any genetic ties to the illness, your second reason to suspect that gluten intolerance ties into your symptoms is if you become worse on a fibrous grain-based diet. Top Answer. 0 0 1. Another type of incipient crystallization which is excessively common in obsidian is spherulites, or small rounded bodies which have a radiating fibrous structure. In 1908 the total value of the state's talc product was $ 6 97,39 0, almost one-half the total for the entire country. December 16, 2019 by admin Leave a Comment.