Types of green tea. Natural Antioxidant For years now, man has been dependent on nature for his source of nutrients essential for his health. We differentiate between a broad health-promoting effect, for which steamed (Japanese) green tea is by far the leader; and other types of tea with specific healing benefits that are superior to green tea. Green tea is the most popular type of Chinese tea made by taking new leaves or buds of the tea tree to go through three main processes, frying, kneading and drying. From here, the leaves are processed in a variety of different ways, which is why there are so many different types of green tea across the world. Green tea lovers raise your hands! Some types of green tea, such as matcha are slightly bluish. But unlike the genmaicha, which is made with roasted brown rice combined with a green tea like sencha, hōjicha is prepared by toasting the tea leaves themselves. All types of teas are made from Camellia sinensis. Among other teas including black tea, green tea is the most commonly produced type of tea in the world. The most popular way to drink green tea is in the form of a cold, refreshing bottle beverage, but it’s also infused into ice cream, macarons, cookies, and dorayaki pancakes. It is gentle for the stomach and thus, often recommended for those with sensitive stomachs. of tea. Green tea originated in China where it has been popular for millenia. If you see green-tea ice … Take a look at some types of green tea. The tea soup is clear and green. Because there are so many types of green tea, they are usually classified not only by a specific name, but by the region from which the tea is harvested. Other drying methods result in types of green tea that look like small twigs. You won't find matcha leaves—this green tea comes as a stone-ground powder, and is so beloved in Japan that there's a ceremony centered around how to prepare and serve it. The very best cost £1,000 a kilo and are wonderfully smooth and rich. The only thing that differentiates them is the production process and health benefits. The flavor depends on the place where tea grows and also on the processing method. Types of Green tea Tips. Of the many different types of tea, Matcha is a little peculiar. The difference is in the way they are processed or manufactured. The brand offers more than 10 types of drink with different additional components. The most common types of green teas are: Biluochun is a Chinese-style green tea with a strong aroma and fruity taste. Types of Green Tea. While black tea is the popular choice in the Western world, green tea dominates the East, especially in Japan. Processed green tea leaves appear to be slim, tight and dark green, curled like a snail, and covered by pekoe. It can contain tea components from a variety of other types of green tea including sencha, bancha, gyokuro, etc. The goal here is simple. As green tea dries, tea masters roll the leaves up into small balls that resemble pearls. This is a tea that has a clean and refreshing taste. Unlike white or green tea, oolong varieties are harvested from mature leaves, allowing them to adopt the qualities of their terroir and complexify in flavor. It is the most common and popular variety of green tea in Japan. Different types of green teas have distinct tastes, that range from fruity to nutty to almost like seaweed. The kind most often made in Japan is the steamed type of sencha and fukamushicha, which together account for seventy-five percent of the tea produced in the country. Tea Varieties and Health Benefits. While black tea is the most processed of all true tea varieties, green tea is the least processed. With an additional classification of Pu’erh. Tea green is a light green color with a glow to it that is based on the color of brewed green tea. There are various types of Dragon Well tea in China, but the authentic Dragon Well tea is the one where the tea is grown within the West Lake area in Hangzhou. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world behind water. This type of green tea is often confused for a genmaicha, as both teas exhibit beautifully toasty, caramelly notes. Green tea is by far the most consumed type of tea in Japan. Green tea is fired or steamed at high temperatures shortly after picking. To gain green tea benefits, keep a time difference of half an hour or an hour. Let’s get started. Many observational studies indicate that green tea drinkers are less likely to develop several types of cancer, but more high quality research is needed to confirm these effects (24, 25). Green tea is a heavenly brew that is considered a beautiful concoction of nutrients and flavour. ALSO READ | Four Ways To Cure Cold And Flu With Green Tea During Winter Season. An array of derivatives after processing means Tea has up to 1500 varieties Herbal teas and Tisanes are not from the Camellia Sinensis plant and so are not strictly Tea. Experience the flavor of the best loose leaf green tea. It can also be incorporated … The flavour varies as widely as types of white wine. Barley tea Camomile tea Chrysanthemum tea Hibiscus tea Honey tea Mint ginger lemon tea Peppermint Rooibos / Lemon … 295 Types of Green Color posted by John Spacey , September 02, 2018 updated on November 23, 2019 Green is a primary color that can be used along with red and blue to create all other colors. Green tea is also grouped into different types, each with its health benefits and physical properties. Sencha green tea is the most popular and most highly consumed kinds of green tea. Matcha tea comes in the form of a fine green powder which is added to hot water and stirred with a bamboo whisk to dissolve the powder before drinking. This is the type of green tea used in the traditional Japanese green tea ceremonies. The following table catalogues our personal assessment of the health properties of individual teas. After oxidation has been halted, most types of tea leaves are left out to dry. Aromatic teas such as bancha and hojicha are very popular as well. There are actually only a few tea types that carry the label of “true” tea: namely, black, green, oolong, pu-erh, and white teas. Give you a brief look at some of the most popular types of green tea that I can find. 4) Kukicha. There are many different varieties of green tea too, some of which we will feature in this guide. Learn more about its history, types, benefits, and how to steep the perfect cup of green tea. Sencha tea is the fully sun-grown variety of Japanese green tea. Green tea is very popular, so there are a great number of green tea varieties to choose from and deciding what to buy can be difficult. It is prepared from leaves that are dried before heating them at a very low temperature. This has a large number of related colors based on different types of green tea in their brewed, powered and leaf states. While the beverage is relatively new and just about picking up in India, green tea has been consumed in Japan and China for centuries. The green tea leaves are mixed with holy basil, known as Tulsi, and infused together to create a unique tea experience. Tulsi green tea is popular in India as a part of Indian Ayurvedic tradition. It is also further classified into eight more types of tea namely: Jô Sencha, Toku Jô Sencha, Hachijuhachiya Sencha, Kabuse Sencha, Asamushi, Chumushi, Fukamushi or fukamushicha, and Ichibancha. There are about twenty different types of Japanese tea. Savor our delicious, full leaf flavored blends: toasted, sweet, buttery nuts, or peppermint twist. It might be a long road, so strap in and grab a cup of your favorite green tea, here are some of mine. Green tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and comes in several varieties. Green tea lovers raise your hands! With innumerable benefits to one’s health, it has turned into one of the ideal preferences of a beverage. There are more than 7 types of green tea that are available in the market. The many health benefits have made green tea one of the most popular beverages for all. The four main types of Tea are Black, Green, Oolong, and White. These are the top green tea brands and types in Nigeria, and it is a good idea to try all of them and choose the best one for you. The more popular kinds include sencha, genmaicha, and matcha. They have a variety of names and are consumed by people. For that reason, it’s one of the healthiest types of green tea with a plethora of health benefits. Compared to black tea, green tea has slightly less caffeine per cup with only 25 – 29 mg of caffeine in 8 oz. Genmaicha is one of Japanese tea. The four basic facts you need to know about tea: All tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. There are many cultivars and grades of Sencha, which leads to a large spectrum of taste, quality and pricing. It enjoys a high reputation for the sake of its gentle flavor and pleasing aroma. Oolong tea also comes from the Camellia sinensis plant but it’s processed in various ways, so oolong has a wider range of flavors and colors than most other categories of tea. What do you really need to know about the different tea types to enjoy a good cup of tea? Green tea is the daily elixir of Japanese, enjoyed for its sweet, earthy flavor and innumerable health benefits. Dragon Well tea, also known as Longjing tea, is the most famous green tea in China and is renowned around the world. Each of these teas is made from the same tea leaves, technically called the Camellia sinensis plant, which is a requirement for a beverage to qualify as “true” tea.