1. For one thing, it’s not legal in some states. A vast array of projectiles serves the Hornet. It’s faster than the .22 WMR, but slower than the centerfires. the .22 WMR and the .223 Remington. It can shoot flat, there’s little recoil, and accuracy can be quite respectable. Maybe a lot better. Powder ALL Accurate 1680 Accurate 5744 Accurate No. 8. Plenty. 13.0-grain Lil’ Gun If you do a lot of long range varmint hunting, or just really like high velocity cartridges, then you should look into getting something like a .22-250 Remington or a .220 Swift because the .22 Hornet probably isn’t for you. Accuracy did not improve in the colonel’s custom rifle over previous standard Hornet loads, and velocity across the board added about 100 fps bullet-for-bullet. There was ammo, but no commercial Hornet rifle until 1932. 10.0-grain Lil’ Gun The .22 Hornet was also widely adopted in Europe where it’s known as the 5.6x35mm. Oh wow, that’s a great development! The literature across the board has Captain Grove Wotkyns, G.A. From whence came the Hornet (know as the 5.6x36mmR in Europe)? Comment: Explosive! 222 Rem. However, assuming it’s legal to use on deer where you live, I still tend to agree with Mel Tappan’s assessment of the .22 hornet for deer hunting in his book Survival Guns (p90-91): It is by no means a reliable deer cartridge, even with handloads, although it has been used for that purpose. Jack the rabbit at 300 yards is in the bag with a 35-grain bullet starting at over 3,000 fps and this rifle’s 1/2″-MOA accuracy. Comment: Retained velocity at 300 yards and 1,738 fps Comment: Larger game, Sierra 52-grain HPBT Match Bullet You retain the accuracy, get a more power and loading is a lot less critical. 10.0-grain Lil’ Gun Re-chambered Springfield 1922 .22 Long Rifles and newly barreled Martini single shots were the first Hornets (as far as I can tell). 3,158 fps Wyoming Game & Fish Department, State Agency: The Lyman Ideal in .22 Hornet showed great workmanship and excellent accuracy. i do have a winchester 22 hornet which is accurate but not as good as my 223. the winchester is a 1956 so that may have some bering on its accuracy. Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, State Agency: Idaho Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: Price: $1,595, Model 25 Rifle New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: The big ammunition manufacturers produce multiple varieties of .22 Hornet ammo specifically designed for hunting predators and varmints. I also like your taste in rifles! Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: Standard Deviation: 2 fps The "K" chamber extends the range about 50 metres. The Lyman Ideal’s front sight takes a variety of inserts, just like the “big” rifle’s sights. Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: Have owned & shot them for 45+ years. It’s also pleasingly accurate. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, State Agency: Removed de-capping pin assembly entirely; Lyman mold 225438, .225″ diameter, 44-grain gas check, provided 159 bullets for 1 pound of lead. I could order up a rack of lamb followed by Baked Alaska at any time. Light Hornet loads will turn these birds into delicious campfire fare. Price: $745, All Velocity Results from 26″ barrel Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, State Agency: Wild turkeys are table-bound with cast-lead bullets and a pinch of powder for 2,000 fps. WMR ballistics with the Hornet is a simple matter of the right powder, such Norma offers ammo with 2.9-gram bullet (44.7 grains), RWS touts a 3-gram bullet (46 grains) and Winchester’s standard Hornet factory load did very well in both rifles with its 45-grain bullet in Super-X softpoint. Standard Deviation: 14 fps The polymer tip helps increase the ballistic coefficient and initiate expansion, even at low impact velocities. The reason is simple but profound: the .22 Hornet fills a niche perfectly between the excellent .22 WMR and the hot-rock two-twos. I also read a magazine article that said the 22 Hornet “was” the “first choice” for coyote hunting, because a 223 causes too much hide-fur damage (if a person is selling hides) but a 223 can be “hand loaded” with “less powder” to about equal a 22 Hornet. I routinely shoot 3/4” at 100 yds with 40 gr Nosler b-tips and lil gun. The fix involves putting a shim washer between the two halves of the bolt and making a new pin for the bolt that fits tighter. A Brunton Eterna 3-9X with BDC reticule will handle the varmints. 20 Nosler. The Lyman Ideal in .22 Hornet showed great workmanship and excellent accuracy. Comment: All-around load—excellent in Ideal. 222 Rem Mag. Through all of that, the .22 Hornet has refused to die and is still hanging around to this day as a relatively popular varmint cartridge. Like with many older cartridges, the exact origins of the .22 Hornet are a little hazy. Make sure you follow The Big Game Hunting Blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 22 BR Rem. In fact, my grandfather killed his first deer with a Winchester Model 43 in .22 Hornet many years ago. There’s no question about it, whatever the little slope-shouldered pipsqueak accomplishes, the .222/.223 duplicates on Monday and improves on Tuesday. I inherited my grandfathers Pennsylvania Groundhog gun from my father that just passed. We have 2, an 1885 Winchester Low Wall reproduction by Browning and a Ruger 77/22 Hornet rechambered to K Hornet. 3,035 fps The rifle used in this test is a Ruger M77/22hornet which I rebarreled with a Lilja #4, fluted 1-10 twist barrel with 24" finish length. Standard Deviation: 16 fps There’s a reason why so many hunters use the V-Max bullet for predator and varmint hunting and it’s not just because this ammunition is so reasonably priced. Buy a nice .22 Hornet hunting rifle here. The Speer 40-grain Spire Point is another interesting Hornet bullet, along with Speer’s 50-grain Spitzer. Unfortunatly, the Ruger bolt guns have a so-so reputation for accuracy in.22 Hornet. The rancher who turns his spread over to me every year appreciates a decrease in livestock-eating coyotes. 13.0-grain Lil’ Gun Accuracy: 1-holers at 50 yards. The .22 WCF had been around since 1885. This special rifle spawned a companion as the Luna 981 chambered for the “new Winchester .22 C.F. A word on the K-Hornet, one of the first blown-out, fire-formed cartridges. 225 Win. Comment: Fine accuracy, Nosler 55-grain Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip Soft and hollow points were the most popular bullets for .22 Hornet hunting ammunition for many years and there’s nothing wrong with using them now. Center of photo shows (left to right) .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, .223 and .22-250. Standard Deviation: 17 fps The Ruger M77/22, the Savage 25 Lightweight Varminter, and the Thompson/Center Contender are all in current production and are available in .22 Hornet. South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks, State Agency: My Red Dot load of only 2 grains for low-velocity loads yields 3,500 shots per pound. Im putting a new modern scope on it and hopefully harvesting some of our overpopuated coyotes this JAN. thanks for the good information I will save your website and buy from your sponsors …. The mild report and low recoil are key points for me, plus of course that one can reload, unlike rimfires. i load my own so my costs are low. New to me, an older 340 Savage in .22 Hornet. Most of the older .22 Hornet rifles (like the Winchester Model 54 and 70) have a relatively slow rifling twist rate of 1:16 inches. These rifles were intended to assist the downed crew in hunting for food, not for self-defense against enemy troops. This Remington ammunition isn’t the sexiest load, but it will still work really well for hunting a wide variety of game. I'll take the fireformed version over the standard Hornet any day. However, widespread adoption of the .22 Hornet was hampered initially by the fact that no company produced rifles for the cartridge during the first few years it existed. Cast lead bullets workable for small game and wild turkey at velocities ranging from 1,300 fps to 2,000 fps and harder bullets at up to 2,500 fps for wild turkey. Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, State Agency: With a factory load the 45gn bullet starts at 2650fps. 1,361 fps How do I know if my rifle is .223 or .224 (does it really matter)? Body shots on deer with this round dont work out well. as Red Dot, in very small doses. Extend de-capping pin well beyond base of FL die; In February I reviewed a Weihrauch HW60J in .17 HMR. 100 Springdale Rd. Comment: Run to test .5-grain reduction, Nosler 35-grain Ballistic Tip Lead Free Bullet Comment: Penetration with accuracy, Barnes 50-grain TTSX FB Bullet Reply Bullet was a 50-grain Sierra match handload. The Hornet continues to be superior for javelina, the pig-like musk hog. since 1930, with factory rifles coming along about 2 years later. Editor’s Notes: After further die adjustments, Sam was able to combine de-capping and full-length resizing into one step with no case-loss. For real and pix dont lie. The only 10-shot group fired fell below an inch, center to center. North Dakota Game & Fish Department, State Agency: Comment: Very accurate, Remington Express Rifle 45-grain PSP The Hornets are limited on killing power for coyotes at longer ranges. And is the Hornet the exotic little mid-range varminter I’m looking for? Maybe the Hornet is coming back into it’s own. Remington’s 55-grain Pointed Soft Point has a cannelure, as does the company’s 55-grain FMJ. In today’s post I’m going to show you why the .22 Hornet is so versatile and exactly why you should consider hunting with it. Having lavished praise on the little rascal, I admit it was not the cartridge that lured me. I inherited a supply of galena some time ago, making my bullets very cheap indeed. First off, the early .22 Hornet load he tested of a 45 grain soft point bullet at about 2,400 feet per second had a no real peer at the time. Comment: Very accurate, Nosler Custom .22 Hornet Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: My thoughts turned to the Hornet yet again, and I decided to take the plunge. 13.0-grain Lil’ Gun Hmmm…The .22 Hornet made its commercial debut around 1930 and was a “new round” simply because it used smokeless powder in the much older blackpowder case – the .22 Winchester Center Fire (WCF). The M4 Survival Rifle was a rudimentary bolt-action rifle chambered in the cartridge used by the Air Force in the 1940s. 223 Rem. I agree 100%! The Savage Model 25 in .22 Hornet proved to be amazingly accurate. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, State Agency: It would be my “front yard” rifle with cast bullets at ultra-low velocity. 3. Similar to the 10mm vs .45 ACP debate, the .223 Remington has more energy remaining at 200 yards than many .22 Hornet loads have at the muzzle. Sam said it’s so comfortable to carry in the field he doesn’t use a sling. But Colonel Harriger did not have Lil’ Gun. To put it mildly, Whelen was impressed with the performance of the .22 Hornet. Nosler comes in with 35-, 40-, 50- and 52-grain Solid Base Ballistic Tips, plus a 50-grain CT ballistic Silvertip and 52-grain Custom Competition HPBT. Let’s also look at some handguns: Thompson/Center and Anschutz pistols, Taurus DA Raging Hornet 8-shot, double-action revolver and MRI’s SA BFR 6-shot single-action. 3,012 fps Thanks for the info – I was asking myself this very same question, get a modern .223, or a much less common .22 Hornet? Standard Deviation: 17 fps So the Hornet was well represented in 1932. Speer’s TNT 50-grain .224 bullet pushed by 13-grain Lil’ Gun retains sufficient pasta, even at 300 yards, to make Rancher Harry happy with a reduction of livestock-tripping prairie dog holes. The fact that this 1930 baby falls well behind the scintillating .22 centerfires is exactly why the cartridge has never died. From left to right, virgin 22 Hornet case, 6mm Hornet with shoulder positioned for my reamer and the last is a standard 22 K-Hornet fireformed case. Chronographing results clearly place the .22 Hornet in its promised niche between the .22 WMR and the .222/.223 clan. A cartridge that shoots that flat seems like a natural for Field Pistol competition. 225415 Gas Check Full-length resize case So after a bit of research I ordered one in .22 Hornet from the Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter. Having been stung by the Hornet, I had to have two more rifles. The original ones were .223 diameter like a 22 rimfire and not .224 like most if not all other center fire 22's. For a detailed discussion about another high velocity .22 caliber cartridge in the .224 Valkyrie, read the article below: The Lyman 50th Edition (p126-126) and Hornady 10th Edition (p139-142) reloading manuals and The .22 Hornet by Layne Simpson in Shooting Times were used as references for this article. Anyone who enjoys both shooting mild centerfire rifles and owning classically Comment: Explosive! But practical overcame desire, and I got a Sako .222 instead. CZ 527 American, Chambered for the .22 Hornet.An overview of the set trigger. Install resizing die off of ram head; Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, State Agency: 77/22 hornet has proven deadly on the porkers, have had every one drop on the spot and largest was about 125#. Cast 55-grain Lyman mold No. I really liked it and thought it was every bit the equal of my normal make of choice, the Anschütz. The .22 Hornet has survived this long because it fits perfectly into a spot between This Savage is my 2nd Hornet. The Hornets are sweet too shoot & very accurate as is the 222. Thanks for sharing! Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, State Agency: Comment: Larger game, Barnes 50-grainTSX FB Purchased lead is still a bargain. In fact, this would be the ammo I’d recommend using if you insisted on using the .22 Hornet for hunting deer or some other species of big game. By 1939, the Stoeger catalog boasted the Model 70 Winchester in .22 Hornet for $61.25. While the .223 flies high, the .222 and .222 Magnum tumble winglessly in near-disuse. I bought a Savage Model 25 LV laminated thumbhole stock, with a 24″ barrel, AccuTrigger, and added a Bushnell Legend 4.5-14x30mm scope. .22 Hornet - Manufacturer Loading Data. The .22 Hornet handles bullets up to 55 grains, depending upon rate of twist of the A Remington 6 1/2 primer seems to help accuracy too. Winchester sees the result as feasible and begins building ammo in 1930 chambered for the—nothing. 475 Smith St. I own a 22 hornet & 22 K-hornet also. If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes I wouldnt believe it .. The Ideal in .22 Hornet is a scaled-down Sharps type rifle with the classic falling block. Called-in wild turkeys vary from the hot tom throwing caution to the wind to that cautious bird lingering at the century mark. I know this might be a repost of a well known rifle but I thought i'd throw my two cents into the fray. Inspired by Wotkyns's work with the then-new cartridge, Townsend Whelen and a couple of his Army buddies, G. A. Woody and Al Woodworth, decided to convert three Model 1922 Springfield rifles to handle it. Lil’Gun now has published data for the 45 grain TSX Barnes copper monolith bullet, “just sayin”. Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, State Agency: We resided in the “hamburger/hotdog” section. Among other models, the Browning A-Bolt Micro Hunter, the Browning Model 1885 Low Wall, the CZ Model 527, the New England Handi-Rifle, the Ruger No. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. The tiny Hornet first saw the light of day as Winchester-loaded ammunition in 1930. Sectional density and ballistic coefficient are anemic in .22-caliber bullets. He got 2,846 fps on his chronograph with his hottest 50-grain bullet K-Hornet load. Nevada Department of Wildlife, State Agency: Built with a thin jacket and a polymer tip, it will rapidly expand on impact. I found the Frankford Arsenal Powder Funnel from Battenfeld Technologies with its specific No. The Challenge For perspective, consider the exceptional 1932 Luna Single Shot Target rifle in .22 rimfire, Model 980 falling-block action, fitted with micrometer wind gauge rear sight, disc front sight, plus “perfectly adjustable rear sight,” with both sights removable with a key. The .22 Hornet is still great for varmints and small game out to 200 yards and the light report of the cartridge also makes it easier on the ears than louder cartridges like the .220 Swift or .223 Remington. Ninety percent of the time it is more than adequate. Built by fireforming the case in a different chamber, the .22 K-Hornet has a sharper shoulder that can accommodate more powder. With Lil’ Gun powder, the K version will no doubt do better. Prime with standard small rifle primer ( I use my faithful RCBS hand priming tool. ) New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, State Agency: As fate would have it, the new cartridge produced the best accuracy of any centerfire cartridge tested by Winchester technicians up until that time. The points you make confirm that I will get get a .22 Hornet. After all, Arizona allows the .22 WMR on peccaries, as does Texas, and one of my African outfitters has a cousin in Australia who relies on the Hornet for wild pigs and goats. Since it was the first small-bore, high velocity cartridge designed for small game and varmint hunting, the .22 Hornet was truly an innovative development. The result is a zero case loss, with perfect chamber fit. I had to have one. 223 WSSM. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, State Agency: 22 PPC-USA. Install charge with a tap of funnel to settle powder ( 13-grain Lil’ Gun fills the case Standard Deviation: 13 fps The polymer tip helps increase the ballistic coefficient and initiate expansion, even at low impact velocities. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, State Agency: Since they have a slower rifling twist, those older rifles quite often have trouble stabilizing bullets heavier than 45 grains. First one disappeared / evaporated into thin air. Is it possible to kill a deer with a .22 Hornet? One of the reasons why the .22 Hornet first became so popular was because it was so darn effective on small game and varmints like foxes, bobcats, and coyotes at short to moderate range. However at only .142 sectional density for a 50-grain Spitzer with a “C” of merely .175, these bullets do what they were designed for. The real benefit is head spacing on the shoulder vastly improves case life and you gain a little velocity with the increased case volume. 22 funnel nozzle ideal for installing powder. Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: Mucho dinero for 1932. My grandfather told me that he always regretted shooting the deer with that cartridge.